Video Blogging Basics

Video Blogging is great as it comparatively easier to rank for a video in search results. Reason is simple. There is a ton lot text content than video content on the web.

If you want to get into video blogging here are some ideas.

1. It is no different than regular blogging. Here you write content. There you write and record.

2. An outline helps before you get on with creating a video.

3. Keep it short and sweet – 1 to 3 minutes.

4. You may choose to host your video on YouTube but take efforts to promote it on other channels (Facebook, Twitter etc.) – you will get a diverse crowd from there.

5. Create a uniform opening graphic for your videos that will help you establish a brand.

6. Post a transcript of the video – when loading on your blog – so that same content can be read also.

Now, you are ready to video blog, right!

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