Tips for social media pros

1. Remember leaders are readers. Read a lot, books, reports and stay on top of everything as humanly as possible.

2. Move up the value chain

3. Build your network by not being selfish but buy being super-helpful.

Read this quote for ideas;¬†“You must give some time to your fellow man. Even if it’s a little thing; do something for which you get no pay but privilege of doing it.” -Albert Schweitzer

4. Learn to ask, negotiate and close the deal.

5. Learn about permission marketing, direct marketing, email marketing and more nuances like that

6. Learn about average value of the subscribers over a lifetime

7. Learn more about how you can give value through various social networks you are on

8. Also learn how to maximize the return on your time – through working on the right projects, with right people – doing something that just feel right.

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