Social Media – Next Steps

So you have begun with social media, now what?

Now you need to analyze what you want to do with this newly acquired knowledge.

-You want to get a job.

– Help your own business which is not related to social media.

– Want to start moonlighting as a social media freelancer.

– Want to start a social media agency.

First thoughts;

Dig your well before you are thirsty. Means start building your portfolio even before you think people will need it.

Take work even if you will have to do it for free intially.

1. Then get into a job in a social media agency or on brand side

2. Give your best shot there, learn and help the agency or brand grow.

4. Make relationship with agency’s clients and be the best professional you can be while dealing with them.

5. Getting in a job will give you perspective and real-time practice.

6. Start as a freelancer and then if you like it as freelancer start a social media agency.

Meanwhile read the freelancer’s manifesto.

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