Old and new!

Old world you knew the owner at the corner deli and her family and also the owner of the local mom and pop store. You knew about their personal lives.

May be on certain days you or your family visited them or they came over for tea. May be the deli owner’s daughter went to college with you.

Not anymore.

Now you and I and most of us buy stuff from supermarket, we also buy some stuff online.

Earlier we bought based on trust cultivated over generations. It was also based on proximity between seller and buyer. Now we buy based on which companies has been able to hammer their mind through endless advertising on different media.

While buying online we looks for security certificates and customer reviews to see whether the product or website can be trusted.

Social Media gives you that opportunity to get close to your buyer and also let them know you or experience your brand in better fashion.

The bond may not be created like in old days but still some bond.

But keep in mind – of your actions, the words your write and attitude your project – should be mindful, to avoid backfiring of your social media efforts.

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