Business Blogging: Baby Steps

Blogging done right – is a good tool to help build credibilty and imprve serach engine ranking.

Here is how you can start.

1. You first need to find your voice. For this start on a hosted service like Write without thinking too much about how or what you are writing. Need to build it around your industry or topic but don’t sweat about it. See what topics excite you, what is the topic length that suits you best.

2. It is good to start small. Do not aim to write 400 blog posts in a 10 months though it can work wonders for your online traffic. Aim to write one useful post (for your audience) every week.

3. Pillar content is the key. Create some pillar content (10 detailed posts) about your industry. If you were in real estate then you may write about how to find the property you are looking for; checklist before you buy a property; how to negotiate property deals etc.

4. Show it to the world. You can improved once people use and give your feedback. So once you have found your voice and written 10 pillar posts – host a blog on your website and load all your pillar content on this blog. At this time also add your blog url to your email signature.

Hope this helps and good luck in your blogging endeavors.

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