3 Free Apps to create Facebook Fan Pages

With 600million+ users you can’t ignore Facebook and the traffic and brand-building opportunity it provides.

A brand create Facebook fan-page to take advantage. Where you create a fan page the default view is the wall but you can possible create more fans by creating Facebook welcome pages.

Earlier you needed to use Static FBML, and know HTML to create these pages but now there are tons of apps (Free + Paid) available in the market.

Sharing three free apps below that you can use to create professional looking Facebook fan pages.

1. Pagemodo. Using Pagemodo’s Pagebuilder you can design and create Facebook pages. It is a deceptively easy-to-use tool, enabling rich custom fanpages complete with images, videos, forms, and more. Just check this page created using this service.

2. Tabfusion. Uncluttered and easy to use. Check it out here.

3. Thrusocial. It is unique because of its simplicity. Check it out here. Earlier it used to be known as Microapps.

Bonus: TabSite is one of the few services that also allows you to create a Welcome tab on your personal Facebook account.

There are tons of paid services available like Involver and Virtue if you need to use enhanced feature set.

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