11 point checklist for your website

Your website is a 24×7 branding tool and a potential avenue for sales. Still very few businesses are using it well.

Does your website pass the test?

Ask yourself these 11 questions and see how you fare. (If your answer is NO for 3 or more questions, then you need help.)
  1. There are no spelling errors.
  2. It loads within 1-3 seconds
  3. There is no intro page
  4. It provides at least 2 ways to contact – phone and email, along with a contact form
  5. It links to all your social media pages
  6. There are user/client testimonials on your website (preferably with photo)
  7. There is a form to collect feedback
  8. There is a link called FAQ on your website which provides answers to all commonly asked questions
  9. There is a detailed about us page on your website.
  10. It provides an option to subscribe to your newsletter.
  11. It has new content (article/images) added within last 1 month
Wish you success in your pursuits.

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