Brands needs to provide value upfront

Whatever space you are operating in, you need to provide some value upfront if you want to succeed and create a lasting brand.

If you are consumer goods brand, see your newsletter as something which delivers value before somebody makes a purchase. Offer – how to make an intelligent purchase, how to buy guide – kind of info.

Also give them a space to voice their concerns and also what they appreciate. Twitter and Facebook are tools that are to be used in this regard.

The leaders associated with the brand should explore, share and contribute in spaces like Quora.

That is good for start. Get onto a platform – whether CRM, social networking or a new toll, learn about it and see how you can use it to reach out to your customers and/or provide value to them and/or receive feedback and/or make them feel part of your community.

Cheers and wish you success in your social media efforts.

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